Black is the new Black

My favorite colors are black, dark black, pitch black, pastel black, light black, off black and faded black. Don't think 'Gothic. Think 'Classique. There is a Big difference..Black is the most expressive of colors. It embodies a combination of mystery, drama, formality, sophistication, power, elegance and absoluteness. Found in everything, black delivers both mood and balance to any space. 

2018 trends present black as a go to for anything from flooring, cabinetry and walls, to furniture, accents and accessories. For walls, black assists in creating a dramatic backdrop for artwork, while adding contrast to the room. When using black with accents and accessories, it brings a less pedestrian feel of uncommon intrigue. A bold focal point when presented in furniture and cabinetry, it compliments any accent color you choose to pair it with. Feel free to be expressive with various shades of black as their are over 50 shades to work with. It coordinates well with all metals, glasses and woods allowing you to create eccentric looks specific to your own design tastes. Add character, newness yet nostalgia to your home with simple black touches. Expand your design possibilities. Abandon status quo and have fun!  Black is beauty. What's Your new black??