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Rediscover Modern Art in Miami

Every work of art was once contemporary. This has never been so true as in Art Basel Miami Beach’s Survey sector, which is solely dedicated to art historical projects. This year, 16 galleries are bringing to the fore artists that emerged decades ago, but whose creative output remains in tune with our times.

Why Banksy Built a Secret Shredder Into the Frame of His Most Valuable Painting

The self-destructing artwork is a sharp critique of the art market's sky-high prices. But was the auction house in on the prank?It was the last lot of the night, and many auction-goers appeared to have grown tired. Sotheby's Evening Contemporary sale in London was coming to a close, as evidenced by the clusters of empty chairs and rising chatter as the auctioneer announced the final lot, The bidding rose at a steady pace and quickly surpassed its estimate of $386,000, selling for the artist's previous record of $1.4 million, as the room clapped at the close of another successful auction.

Get Your Black On

Here is What Wearing Black Says About You (and the 5 most common personality traits of these people)

12 Pet Friendly Spaces


Four-legged friends will feel right at home in these pet-friendly homes and offices.

High Point Recap Blog Spring 2018

This SPRING we got to see High Point Market from a perspective that was so CURATED and UNIQUE. I can honestly say that without a doubt we hit the most vendors ever this market! Myself and Johnny Stonesifer were on the prestigious  Design Bloggers tour.

Yellow was showing very strong this market along with black! Two colors we predicted to be trending throughout 2018-2019.

Performance Fabrics


E.J. Victor, located in Morganton, North Carolina is a luxury high end furniture company, home to the widely known AERIN and Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade New York collections. Founded by Edward W. Phifer III, Joseph B. Manderson and John Victor Jokinen, together with their premium vision of preserving quality construction methods to design exquisite furniture for the home, this trendsetting triffecta has trailblazed timeless quality craftmanship and noteable design for the last 30 years. Current CEO, John Joykinen, has adopted their vision and incorporated additional convictions.


Berhardt furniture has been around since 1889, a pillar in the furniture design community.  I have an appreciation for family and all that goes into developing brand loyalty.


I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!   There is art and then there is unpredictable, erratic, unforeseeable, averse, unruly statement art; the kind of art that makes it's own rules while still seeming to follow some kind of artistic decorum. In my next few blogs I will focus on some of my favorite statement artists and their work. Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar 'know statement art. For over a decade now, these London artists have been transfiguring vintage furniture into modern day award winning non pedestrian artisianship.


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