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Another one of my favorites, RETNA, a Los Angeles based grafitti statement artist that has recently exploded in popularity on the urban arts scene, has been exhibiting since the early 90's. His noteworthy self created script has found it's way from great city buildings and walls to formal exhibiting institutions in London, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Hong Kong. His work has dawned the cover of artist Justin Bieber's " Purpose" album. He has also done advertising for Vista jet , Louis Vuitton and Nike.


It’s been a very busy year for me career wise and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am very excited to announce that I will be working with esteem media and the High Point Market Authority for the Design Bloggers Tour 2018!

This year the tour will take us to some of my favorite vendors where we will get an in depth look at the latest products and trends happening in the design and furniture industry.

I am so honored to be part of this group of 10 designers from all over the country.

Can’t wait to share the experience with you!

Best, -DANNY


“I don't want a luxury vacation. I want a lifestyle of luxury. Luxury to me is living in comfort, style, novelty and signifigance" -Danny Russo.   Hotels interior design layouts for 2018 are evolving with this in mind. Because people are traveling more now than ever for both work and play, hotels fall under the umbrella of interior design and home decor. Guests want all of the up market comforts of home with extra ordinary luxury perks of vacation living. They want to be catered to and have a personalized experience, comfort being the objective.


Luxury is a state of mind. We honor our well being in knowing we deserve the very best. As much as I am a proponant of dedicated hard work, I do believe in balance. I regurally schedule myself pockets of purposeful rest and play. For me, this generaly looks like a spontaneous getaway vacation to somewhere inspiring. Restful getaways boost happy endorphins and reduce stress. They also enhance and recharge the creative spirit while broadening perspective. I want to talk about 'design in travel for my next few blogs. 2018 trends in design reach far beyond home interiors.

TRAVEL- 2018 Aircraft Design Trends

I heard someone say once, " If You are feeling bored with life, You are probably thinking too small." I love this quote. The sky is the limit. There are no limits to greatness. This could be said of interior design as well. 2018 trends allow for a the open minded , forward thinking found universaly in todays interior design concepts.Let's take a look at aircraft interiors, both commercial and private jets. Much like the goal of modern hotels, comfort and passenger experience are the #1 goals trending in todays aircraft designs.

Fashion Meets Furniture

Fashion reflects Your story. Furniture and home decor reflect fashion. Your home, just like your fashion style should tell a story. A house is much more than a shelter. It should 'speak of your personal style. I've heard it said, " Style is a way to say who you are without actually having to speak". An empty room is a story waiting to happen in which you are the author. How will you engage your audience? Will your authenticity evoke grace, mystery, playfulness, drama or trancendance? Or will it inspire restfulness, spark creativity, enlightenment and uplift?

Let's Talk Leather

Leather is ever present in the home today as in years past and will continue to be a staple in interior design for years to come. From the extravagant homes of the rich and famous to the everyday conventional homes of modern society, leather is extremely versatile and delivers a sense of one of a kindness and cozy luxury. Although it can be more costly, it continues to rank first place in durability, longevity, maintenance and value over time. 

Black is the new Black

My favorite colors are black, dark black, pitch black, pastel black, light black, off black and faded black. Don't think 'Gothic. Think 'Classique. There is a Big difference..Black is the most expressive of colors. It embodies a combination of mystery, drama, formality, sophistication, power, elegance and absoluteness. Found in everything, black delivers both mood and balance to any space. 

Kitchens That Amaze

The kitchen is the focal point of the home.  Open concepts are  continuing to trend to support social gathering and allowing for smoother transition from room to room. Bench seating is still present and is on trend with the sleek, clean ‘out of the way designs that are up and coming with kitchens for 2018.  It is all about storage friendly shelving and design work that makes sense and assists in a more seamless meal prep. Sleek designs in cabinetry are back which is both esthetically pleasing and also allows for a more productive use of counter space.


Enlighten your living space this year with these new lighting trends!  We are seeing lots of overhead exquisite hanging fixtures almost preferred over table lamps. From those with an Artisian flare in mixed metals, brass, golds, rose golds and copper, to those in matte finishes and even polished ,hammered metals all lend a bygoneness supporting the still ongoing reclaimed look of woods and flooring.


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