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Brass and Brushed

If you wait long enough, everything eventually comes back in style. Yes- Brass and brushed golds are back! Though not as 'brassy as in the past, it's comeback is a more luxuriously sophisticated decorative look. Think of it as the jewelry of the space, there to simply enhance and create elegance. From lamps, lighting fixtures and accent tables to drawer pulls, knobs and decorative bowls and accessories, from the kitchen  joinery hardware to bathroom tapware, you can expect brass to be present. These golden tones grace a space with a warmth and brilliance that no other material can.


Among the forecasted accessory trends for 2018 to put your own spin on lets take a look at what designers are  changing up the game with this season. Bold geo's and florals have literally 'taken over' in accent upholstries from artwork to accent pillows, rugs and throws. The bolder the print, the better!  Think REX RAY  meets the Gilded Age. Brass is back!  Not to worry, Brasses and brushed golds are striking statement metals and will still pair nicely with other mixed metals.


There is an ongoing need to address tile selection as it is intrinsic to all living areas. However unique the design you decide to choose, It is extremely important to the integrity of the architecture of the space to choose tiling that is reflective of the surrounding geography. This will allow the space to be timeless for years to come. Larger... more uniform tiles are currently trending for both kitchen and bathrooms.


I really love Sherwin-Williams as my color source…
Caviar(6990) is my go-to black… I love the hues brought out by its natural character… It’s great on a ceiling and as an accent. Any black is timeless…used correctly it elevates any space, small to large. NO...it's not going to make your room feel smaller! Trust me! 
Daffodil (6901) has been intriguing me. I’ve been seeing it pop out at MKT’s the past few years. Use it sparingly…makes a great impact on dark colors.

New Year...New Style

We've been a little busy around here.... We'll be talking a lot soon......

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