Fashion Meets Furniture

Fashion reflects Your story. Furniture and home decor reflect fashion. Your home, just like your fashion style should tell a story. A house is much more than a shelter. It should 'speak of your personal style. I've heard it said, " Style is a way to say who you are without actually having to speak". An empty room is a story waiting to happen in which you are the author. How will you engage your audience? Will your authenticity evoke grace, mystery, playfulness, drama or trancendance? Or will it inspire restfulness, spark creativity, enlightenment and uplift? Both the fashion world and furniture world are interlinked and according to 2018's New York Fashion Week, it doesnt look like that will be changing anytime soon. The trend on the catwalk this year was an eccentric blend of ecclectic, self expressive, pastel and technicolors that united themselves from apparel and accessories to makeup and haircolors all merging to take over the runways! Stained crimson red lips complimented dallops of bold reds, oranges and facia pinks throughout the show. These colors are abounding currently in 2018 interior design looks as well. Equally celebrated, were a fantastical assortment of floraled pastels, lavenders, mauves, nudes and teils to create  soft, feminine bohemian looks. These looks can be found trending in 2018's interior design trends in upholstrey, textiles, rugs and curtains for a light ,whimsical almost fantasy-like representation of space. For those desiring more of a punch of color, there were daring styles courageously marching to the beat of avante garde's like it or not" tunes. Glistening sequence , costume gems, beads, zippers, pockets, and super-sized accessories caught the eye in brilliant psychadelic colors and tones!  Gamboge' gold was all the rage, wowing with crushed velvit and timeless velours. This pop color is ever present in furniture upholstries and accents for 2018. Another noticeably harmonious trend found on both the runways and in furniture are pastel pigmented furs. Whether found on your body or in your decor, pastel retro furs offer a cool and iconic expression of self no matter what your age or gender. Pastel furs just 'work!  An oldy but a goody, Ralph Lauren said it eons ago, " Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about even brands realy. It's about something deep within you, your own personal style. Style is very personal. Fashion is over quickly, but style is forever".  So in representing yourself in your personal fashion and furniture styles, I have 6 brilliant words for you that never lose their luster.  Be You. Do You. For You.  Life is your personal runway. People will be watching. Might as well make it worth their while. ## turn heads## trendset##pave the way