James Bacchi, a well known San Francisco gallerist and Iphoneographer, known for his melodramatic highly engaging, black and whites, has graced the Bay area for over 20 years. His career originating in NYC, Bacchi co-owned a hip and well known gallery, ON THE WALL, and served as curator of art in exhibitions in the exquisite, local celebrity frequented night clubs. He also served on Manhatten Arts International Special Award Panels. Now currently, residing in the S.F bay area, His iconic "In the sky" mobile photographs series has exploded on the scene. First, posting solely on social media, Bacchi introduced his "black and white stories to the world." 
His "In The Sky" series has been wildly celebrated and tells a visual narrative of when the sky and urban landscape collide. When asked his inspiration for this collection he replied, 
"I see the sky as an evolving set design, manipulating everything in sight." Inspired artistically by Ansel Adams , Henri Cartier Bresson, Edward Weston and Dorothea Lange, his photos are structurally dramatic. Both depth and tone are flawlessly captured and highlighted even exagerated with the sole purpose of engaging the viewer and promoting a sense of uninhibited wonder. Most of Bacchi's work is sold in his San Francisco art gallery, ArtHaus, which he co-owns with Annette Schultz, a close friend. ArtHaus was voted "Best Art Gallery in the Bay Area" for the last several years and has also been honored by the city of San Francisco for 20 years plus for it's generous contributions to the community. The gallery mainly houses exclusive and noteworthy contemporary works of art by both New York and Bay-area artists that he and Annette are passionate about. Among these artists showcased,  Kirtzman and Benton are some of his favorites. The "Oceans 12" series resides here and 10% of the proceeds of sales from this collection  go to support oceanic conservation. Bacchi is a selfless and very active humanitarian. Among these he has served on the jury and host commitee for Art for AIDS ( a progressive organization that provides free mental health and wellness services for HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ communities)/UCSF Alliance Health Project, Visual Aid, the bay-area Designer showcases, Philanthropy by design, Heart of SOMA, Nourish the Children, Dining by Design and Hospitality House and Dart for Art benefitting the Lyme Foundation. For the last decade,  10% of sales from "In the sky" have been donated to these organizations.  Among some of his other recent accknowledgements, Bacchi has had a photo essay published in ONLY MOBILE ART and been invited to display at group shows such as San Francisco's STUDIO Gallery,  the 4-Squared show at San Francisco's prestigous Arc Gallery and New York's "LOVE AND PASSION."  His work realy speaks to me and I absolutely love his heart for the earth and mankind. James Bacchi is a brilliant artist and humanitarian.