I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!   There is art and then there is unpredictable, erratic, unforeseeable, averse, unruly statement art; the kind of art that makes it's own rules while still seeming to follow some kind of artistic decorum. In my next few blogs I will focus on some of my favorite statement artists and their work. Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar 'know statement art. For over a decade now, these London artists have been transfiguring vintage furniture into modern day award winning non pedestrian artisianship. "Let's take a can of spray paint and a paint brush to this vintage pair of Louis XV French provincial armchairs and see what we come up with!"  said no one ever...exept for maybe Jimmie and Martin;) Before anyone else was doing it, these two were unapologeticaly taking vintage furniture and reclaiming it's magnificance with the most unorthadox methods. Breaking the status quo , the ultra talented duo are hands on textile and casegoods pop- culture, iconic statement artists. Transforming a piece in just hours, to a psychadelic, splashy, neon multicolored masterpiece, you can always expect the unexpected. More about images than words, the occassional statement message will be impactful, relevant and marvelously engaging. When asked their artistic rules and guidlines, their response was simple, " Don't be afraid to get weird and always have fun!"