Another one of my favorites, RETNA, a Los Angeles based grafitti statement artist that has recently exploded in popularity on the urban arts scene, has been exhibiting since the early 90's. His noteworthy self created script has found it's way from great city buildings and walls to formal exhibiting institutions in London, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Hong Kong. His work has dawned the cover of artist Justin Bieber's " Purpose" album. He has also done advertising for Vista jet , Louis Vuitton and Nike. Growing up, RETNA always held an artistic respect and appreciation for  buildings and monuments and had a fascination for cultures that have past. A past grafitti writer, he developed a script of his own marrying influences from calligraphy, old English and Egyptian hieroglyphics. RETNA'S grafitti language writings invoke religious undertones and speak to the desire for transformation within us all. These timeless urbanized " holy writings, both inspiring and one of a kind, rank amongst the greats in statement art.