TRAVEL- 2018 Aircraft Design Trends

I heard someone say once, " If You are feeling bored with life, You are probably thinking too small." I love this quote. The sky is the limit. There are no limits to greatness. This could be said of interior design as well. 2018 trends allow for a the open minded , forward thinking found universaly in todays interior design concepts.Let's take a look at aircraft interiors, both commercial and private jets. Much like the goal of modern hotels, comfort and passenger experience are the #1 goals trending in todays aircraft designs. Modern aircraft design aims to make flying like a stay at a fine hotel. A close second, innovative use of space, as every inch counts on an aircraft. Narrow, streamlined seating, shelving and walkways, compact storage for personal items and space concious head and leg rests adhere to capacity guidlines but offer maximum accomidation to passengers. Much like interior design in the home, visionary concepts rank high on 2018's aircraft trends. Digital cabins offer 3D screens and virtual reality. First class lounges, a more recent arrival, allow for open space concepts, elaborate textiles and a sense of private elite. Business class suites are progressive with independant " smart" work stations complete with ergonomic seating and flat screens. Ultraviolet, color of the year can be found in most first class cabins, as well as black and metal influence. Just like in home design, aircraft design is also on trend with their " green" efforts. Eco-aviation, with environmentally friendly operational practices aim to operate with sustainable aviation fuel blended with jet fuel, known as blended flights. This can be costly but ' green. Government assistance is required at this point as alternative fuels are still in their infantsy. Aircraft design trends are right on trend with 2018 design trends. Escape' with a destination.Travel 'on trend in comfort and style.