Luxury is a state of mind. We honor our well being in knowing we deserve the very best. As much as I am a proponant of dedicated hard work, I do believe in balance. I regurally schedule myself pockets of purposeful rest and play. For me, this generaly looks like a spontaneous getaway vacation to somewhere inspiring. Restful getaways boost happy endorphins and reduce stress. They also enhance and recharge the creative spirit while broadening perspective. I want to talk about 'design in travel for my next few blogs. 2018 trends in design reach far beyond home interiors. Travel is heavily influencing  interior design across the board. I love luxury design!  I love when luxury is found in every detail. Cruise ships are a striking example of this. Their spacious open concepts, cascading stairways, elaborate architecture and extravagant attention to detail come together to create exotic yet distinguished mobile design at its best!  Smart cabins extending a 'high end feel' represent 2018's trends with celebrity edge. The golds just seem 'more gold and extend from simple accents to main staple decor. The retro technicolors shine ultrabright in colorful lounge tiles to brilliant bedroom carpets and bedspreads. Accents appear costly and luxurious. The architecture, modern and abstract, follows clean minimalist lines and space maximizing trends. Upgraded balcony features even allow for guests to bring nature inside. With the simple push of a button, guests can enjoy starry night open ceilings and indoor dining rooms that emerge out over the chasing waves under brilliant ultra-violet sunset backdrops. 'Color Your World just took on a whole new meaning. From the dazzling waters of the Atlantic to the resplendant South Pacific seas, 2018 interior design trends are traveling fast! A world of global opportunity awaits. Create, design, movement. Travel in true design style!