“I don't want a luxury vacation. I want a lifestyle of luxury. Luxury to me is living in comfort, style, novelty and signifigance" -Danny Russo.   Hotels interior design layouts for 2018 are evolving with this in mind. Because people are traveling more now than ever for both work and play, hotels fall under the umbrella of interior design and home decor. Guests want all of the up market comforts of home with extra ordinary luxury perks of vacation living. They want to be catered to and have a personalized experience, comfort being the objective. With the ever influential millenials wanderlust "take me somewhere else; show me something new" and tech savi digital visionaries paving the way , hospitality and hotels across the globe have stepped up their game. From 5 star charismatic getaways in mainstays like New York, Chicago and Miami to deluxe exotics in Beijing, Tokeo and Dubai, 2018 design trends are more iconographic than ever before. Just like we saw in fashion and home decor, bold exhuberant colors, violets, reds and technicolors, blended with mixed metals, megagolds, rustic luxury, aesthetically rich textiles and whimsically contemporary looks all coming together to design non-cookie cutter exquisitely unpredictable and inviting getaway spaces! Hotel lobbies are taking on a more communal feel supporting social technology and lending a social feel to the travel experience. Also trending are biophilics and eco friendly nuances, bringing nature and the outdoors, "in". With gorgeous views, oversized windows, solar paneling, natural lighting, organic textiles and recycled materials, hotel guests are being continuously 'wowed' with natures invigorating influence. Elegant indoor gardens and patios with a tropical feel support the continued trend of "spa" influence in the home. Serenity, balance and rejuvination, these inspire the spa experience. Hotel design trends will continue to wow guests as they expand their hospitality design efforts towards a customized luxury getaway experience.